Terms & Conditions

Terms of Business

Driven Indulgence core business is to provide a Designated Driver to drive you and your guests in the comfort of your own car or hire vehicle, or we can provide the car or bus to suit your tour or special event need.


Pricing and Booking Requirements

1. All bookings undertaken are priced in accordance with previously negotiated arrangements covering date of travel, length of travelling time, tour venues to be visited and the number of passengers.

2. We will endeavour to have your Designated Driver / Tour Guide arrive within the prescribed time periods. The arrival time allocated to your booking is an estimated time of arrival and therefore is not guaranteed. In the event of your Designated Driver / Tour Guide experiencing a delay and arriving past the estimated arrival time, we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible.

3. In order to confirm and secure your booking in the Driven Indulgence diary, you will be required to provide full details of the vehicle we are being requested to drive, along with a valid credit card number. In order to provide Driven Indulgence with security, valid credit card details will be required for every booking irrespective of your preferred method of payment.

4. All information regarding your booking will be provided by either email or SMS. You will be informed of the price of your booking prior to your booking taking place.


Cancelling Your Booking

5. We value your custom and we will always try to be as flexible as possible without disturbing other client bookings. However, any potential amendments that can be made to your booking such as venue stop-offs or last minute changes in timings will be subject to availability.

6. If you have an advanced booking and need to amend or cancel your it, we generally require a minimum notice period of 14 days being provided to Driven Indulgence in order to avoid any charges being applied to your credit card. In the event of less than 14 days notice being provided for a tour cancellation, your booking deposit will not be refunded.


Gift Vouchers

7. Any Driven Indulgence Gift vouchers issued will not be valid on any public holiday, including Christmas, New Years Eve and New Years Day.


Communication & Contact

8. Upon their arrival at your required time and collection point, your Designated Driver / Tour Guide will then call you to let you know they have arrived. It is important that you keep your phone to hand at your requested booking time.  If we have not received a response to our attempts to contact you within 30 minutes or in the event of our arriving to find that you have moved venues or changed locations without informing us, your previously paid booking deposit will be forfeited.


Our Conduct

9. We do not on sell our client information to any third party marketing or advertising agencies.

10. At Driven Indulgence, we treat all clients equally in a courteous, respectful and professional manner.

11. Your Designated Driver / Tour Guide is accredited with a Victorian Taxi Services Commission Driver Accreditation Certificate. This certificate ensures that your Designated driver has been Police Checked, had a Traffic History Check and undergone a Medical check.

12. Your Designated Driver is bound by the laws governing road rules. Any non compliance or incurred infringements will be the personal responsibility of our driver.

13. Your Designated Driver / Tour Guide is not compelled to conduct any booking, if upon their arrival they feel it would be placing them into a compromising position.


Your Conduct

14. You will treat your Driven Indulgence Driver / Tour Guide in a courteous and respectful manner. Abusive behaviour, of a physical or verbal nature will not be tolerated. The driver may terminate the tour at their discretion if behaviour of a physical or verbally abusive nature occurs.

15. Driven Indulgence will not accept any liability for injuries, accidents or damage to you or your vehicle as a result of your actions whilst you are intoxicated. You will be held personally responsible and liable for any injuries, accidents or damage caused to your Driven Indulgence Driver / Tour Guide or equipment by your actions whilst you are under the influence of alcohol.

16. Driven Indulgence reserves the right to refuse your booking in the event of any request to drive illegally being made. This includes but is not limited to the amount of passengers exceeding the legal limit per vehicle. Every passenger must have a seat belted seat.


Your Vehicle

17. Prior to departure on the day of your booked tour, you as the owner of the vehicle will be required to sign a document giving the Driven Indulgence Designated Driver / Tour Guide permission to drive the vehicle on your behalf.

18. It is expected that your vehicle will be compliant with Vic Roads registration, Road Worthy compliant and is comprehensively insured. This includes your tyres having good wear remaining and proper inflation on inspection.  If, in the opinion of the Driven Indulgence Driver / Tour Guide your vehicle is not deemed compliant, we may decline to facilitate your booking for you. In this event, the full price of your booking will be charged to your credit card.